Devin Booker scores 70 points

In a Celtics 130-120 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Friday night, Phoenix Suns 2nd year Forward Devin Booker scored 70 points. To think that Booker scored 70 points and the Celtics still win by 10 is crazy, right?

Well yea, Booker scoring 70 points is the single-handed greatest thing that has happened to the Suns this season. With a 22-51 record and the 14th spot in the Western Conference, the Suns have had a disastrous season. So lets give them Booker’s 70. His record will stick with them for the rest of the season and they will have something to smile about.

20 year old Devin Booker scored 70 points for the Suns.

The 70 points had to be a gimmick though. Booker isn’t the only guy on the Suns that can put the ball in the basket. In order to be in the NBA you have to be able to score. So for a Suns team full of NBA players, they can all score. Booker scored 70 of the Suns 120 points, which is 59% of the teams scoring. They were consistently giving him the ball so he could score. Plain and simple.

As NBA fans and sports fan we like seeing dominance, so Booker’s 70 spot was very exciting for NBA fans and fan who watched the game. People at the Garden were even clapping and celebrating his 70 points. As a 20 year scoring 7o points, that is very exciting. Booker will without a doubt have a great NBA career and whether he gets close to 70 again we will have to wait and see. So fans who are saying this is all so fake, back off and let the young man enjoy this miraculous game he played, and for christ sake appreciate it. You wont see something like this again for probably about 10 years, which is how long we had to wait after Kobe dropped 81 points back in 2006.

Great job Devin, great job!


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