Five teams have clinched playoff spots

With about 13 games left in the NBA regular season, the playoffs have begun to inch closer and closer.

With 13 games left there are already five NBA teams that have clinched playoff spots out of the 16 teams that compete in the NBA playoffs. So with over 20 days till the NBA playoffs start on April 15th about 30% of the NBA playoffs bracket has already been made.

James Harden has been a huge part of the Rockets success this season

Three teams out of the Western Conference are already into the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors who have 57 wins through March 22nd have clinched their division. The San Antonio Spurs with 54 wins have clinched a playoff spot and the James Harden led Houston Rockets have clinched a playoff spot with 49 wins through March 22nd.

On the Eastern Conference side, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics are both in the playoffs. With the Cavs and Celtics only 2 games apart in the Eastern Conference, the Cavs are 46-23 the Celtics are 45-26. There will be more teams clinching playoff spots in the near future as the end of march nears and the playoffs inch even closer.

The NBA playoffs are always an exciting team and although they do take a while to complete, there is always so much fun packed into the NBA playoffs. With the whole “resting” of players in the NBA becoming a situation more important that many would think, coaches have begun to rethink what they are going to need to do come playoff time.

With the Western Conference race a little less tight than the Eastern Conference, we are sure to see some hard-nosed basketball as the NBA season inches closer to the end and the NBA playoff hype heats up even more. Some teams who have been on the outside of the playoff race looking in have switched spots with other teams vice versa. The race is hot and the NBA playoffs will be here soon! Stay tuned and make sure to watch the rest of the season.


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