Warriors clinch a playoff spot

With their 49th win of the season, the Golden State Warriors once again clinch the first playoff spot. At 49-9, the Warriors have clinched a playoff spot with 24 games to go in the regular season.

The Warriors are truly dominant and to already be in the playoffs with 24 games to go, that is truly amazing. But the real question is, are the Warriors as good as they were last season. The Warriors went 73-9 in the 2015-2016 campaign and with 24 games to go, unless they go 24-0, they will have a worse record than last season heading into the playoffs.

Durant and Curry have led the Warriors to a playoff berth with 24 games remaining in the season

With the addition of Kevin Durant, it seemed the Warriors went from dominant to top-3 best lineups of all-time. The Warriors did have a few mishaps early in the season that led to a few losses, but what makes this team so good is that they always bounce back.  I can’t really see any teams in the Eastern Conference truly give the Warriors a run for their money, unless injuries occur to a guy like Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, or Kevin Durant. The Warriors are just way too good to lose to any Eastern Conference team, atleast this season.

The Warriors are very good. They have two of top-3 players in the NBA, but the real pondering thought at this moment is the fact that the Warriors aren’t blowing out teams like they did last season. Maybe that is due to the fact that Curry, Thompson, Durant, and Green are still trying to find their best way of playing together. Maybe its due to the fact that they aren’t running up the score like they did last season. But in my opinion, I think its because Stephen Curry isn’t scoring as much as he did last season. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Durant is another huge piece to this offense and he’s able to score more, and Curry has another guy to pass too. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the Warriors aren’t blowing teams out the water. They still have the best chance of any other team in the NBA to win the championship, unless any injury occurs.

I am excited to see what the Warriors are able to do going forward and into the playoffs. It will be hard to beat this team, but in today’s sports world, anything can truly happen. We will have to wait and see.


5 thoughts on “Warriors clinch a playoff spot

    1. Sandy, please do tell your brother about my blog! The more readers, the better! I also think it’ll be beneficial to him so he is able to learn more about the NBA and possibly tell his friends about it so more people in China are in tune with the NBA!

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    1. I’d say the Cavaliers. With what they already have, the Cavs are also about sign former all-star guard Deron Williams, who is a legitimate playmaker, as well as Andrew Bogut, who is a very tough and versatile center. They will most likely these two guys once they clear waivers with their current teams. With that being said, the Cavaliers also have two things against them at the moment. Both Kevin Love and J.R. Smith are both injured and they have no idea when they will be playing at 100%. Also, we saw the Cavs down 3-1 last year in the NBA finals and they had the ability to come back, but this year with the addition of superstar Kevin Durant, the GSW most likely won’t let their guard down again like that. With all that said, the Cleveland Cavaliers def are the GSW’s biggest competition this season.


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