Davis steals the show in the Big Easy

Where it has been known since the inception of the all-star game that defense is not played during the game, where it is more of an entertainment for the fan, Anthony Davis truly stole the show, and he did it in front of his hometown fans.

Davis scores 52 points in his 3rd career all star appearanceans.


In the 192-182 very high-scoring win for the West all-stars, Pelicans Center Anthony Davis led all scorers with 52 points and corralled 10 rebounds earning himself the well-respected Kia all-star MVP award.

Like I said, no defense is ever played in the NBA all-star game. This is mainly because the athletes want to prevent injury at all costs, and partly because when defense is played the game slows down and its not as entertaining for fans who are spending a month worth of paycheck for a 3 1/2 hour game.

Davis was all over the floor in this game. The 6’11” center was given the keys as the point guard for some of the game. He would dribble up court, take a 3-point shot (a part of his game that he is seriously improving on,) and he grabbed many defensive rebounds. Where the scoring aspect is not very hard, Davis truly put on a great show in front of the crowd he plays for on most nights of the NBA season.

Just following an outstanding performance in the mid season tradition, Davis learned that his 23-34 Pelicans, who are truly on the outside looking in right now in the Western Conference as the 11th seed have acquired Davis’s all-star teammate DeMarcus Cousins in a trade with the Kings.

DeMarcus Cousins looks to help the Pelicans to the playoffs

While the Pelicans did have to send some assets the Kings way, like 2016 6th pick overall Buddy Hield, veteran Jrue Holiday, as well as some 1st round protected picks, the Pelicans got what they needed. They recieved a center who can score, play defense, and lead a team in many different facets. The duo of Davis and Cousins is certainly going to bring alot of excitement and energy to the city of New Orleans as they look to make a push for the playoffs.

As the second half of the NBA season gets underway on Thursday with a slate of games, we are sure that many teams are going to look for a push to the playoffs. With the NBA deadline happening on Thursday as well there are many rumors and speculations to what is going to become. We are excited to see what happens through the rest of the NBA season.


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