Heating up with 12 wins in a row

The Miami Heat have won 12 games in a row after beginning the season an awful 11-30. The 12 game winning streak ties the Golden State Warriors for the longest winning streak of the season.

After defeating the Milwaukee Bucks 106-88 on Wednesday night, and limiting the Milwaukee Bucks to only two players in double-figures scoring, the Heat continue the streak of wins over pretty solid teams.

Scoring 100+ points has been a big theme for the Heat and Coach Spoelstra during this 12 game winning streak. They scored 100+ points in 11 out of the 12 games that they have been victorious in and had a brilliant performance over the Warriors on January 23rd as they beat the 44-8 Warriors 105-102 with Dion Waiters leading the scoring with 33. Since the 23rd the Heat have won eight more games in a row, all scoring 100+ points and have brought themselves back into a position with a realistic record to make a push in the Eastern Conference.

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra believes his team understanding how to play with bad record has helped them ease the early season pain. He told the Miami Herald,

“We’ve developed thick skin,” he said, explaining that the Heat learned how to play “with a ridiculously bad record.”

Dion Waiters
Dion Waiters is averaging 15.5 ppg this season for the Heat

The guard tandum of Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters has really put a boost on the Heat backcourt as Dragic is averaging 20.2 ppg this season, while Waiters is upping his average as it sits at 15.5 ppg at the moment. Justice Winslow, the 2nd year man out of Duke has been making some big plays for the Heat down the stretch as he able to switch between the two and three position for the heat.

Center Hassan Whiteside has been a real key for the Heat as he is averaging a double-double on the season with 17 points and 14 rebounds. With his 7-foot stature, Whiteside has the ability to use his length as well as his tougness to outrebound opponents on both the defensive and offensive glass. At a mere 265 pounds, Whiteside also has the ability to beat bigger centers down the court and in return create space for the guys in the backcourt.

5-year veteran Hassan Whiteside is one of the best centers in the NBA

After losing Dwayne Wade to free agency this past offseason and hearing the fact that veteran Chris Bosh will not play this season, the Heat had to face a fact that it will be tougher to make a real run in the Eastern Conference. Luckily, parts have been coming together for the Heat as guys like Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson, Wayne Ellington have helped the guys with bigger roles put the ball in the basket and defend some of the great teams in the NBA.

The Heat will look to continue their hot play as they have some time to rest before taking on the 38-16 Houston Rockets on their home floor this upcoming Tuesday, Feb 14th.



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