Tough season for the Knicks and Melo

The 22-30 New York Knicks are not having the ideal season. With many different trade rumors for Carmelo Anthony being talked about around the NBA, the Knicks have not been able to put together much success so far this season.

A lot of what has culminated for the Knicks this season includes the hometown Knicks fans booing their star player Carmelo Anthony every time he steps on the court. First-year head coach and former NBA star Jeff Horacek has been criticized due to the Knicks lack of effort on a nightly basis.

Second-year star Kristaps Porzingis has been one the bright aspects of the season as he is averaging just over 17 points per game and over seven rebounds a game. As the trade rumors continue to heat up for the 33-year old Carmelo Anthony, Porzingis is in line to the be the leader of this team as they go forward in an attempt to rebuild.

Carmelo Anthony

As the Knicks woe’s continue and Melo is being put on the market, many teams have rejected a trade for Melo due to his lack of production so far this season. The overall woes for the Knicks have been made front news because of what we had seen this offseason.

The Knicks acquired both all-star point guard Derrick Rose and veteran center Joakim Noah. Where Knicks nation believed both of these guys could make a quick and big impact, it has yet to happen. Rose’s production has gone way downhill the past few years because of many knee injuries and not much time playing. The Knicks thought differently about the former standout point guard because they believed new scenery could help the situation, but so far this season Rose is averaging 17 points in 43 games and just over four assists per game.

With a 22-30 record, the New York Knicks arent fully out of it this season. Whether Melo is traded out of New York can be a huge part of whether or not the Knicks are able to make a late season run.


2 thoughts on “Tough season for the Knicks and Melo

  1. The Knicks are really between a rock and a hard place with Melo, with that no-trade clause. Are the Knicks Melo’s fault? Rose’s fault? Phil Jackson’s fault?


    1. Great question, Alicia! I believe its a mix of everything happening in NYC. The Knicks administration had very high hopes for this team this offseason with the addition of both Rose and Noah. So far this season we have seen sort of a clash between the veterans. With Melo having been in NY for many years and Rose coming in recently, there has been some unncessary drama between the two as well as the team. I don’t believe the administration has stepped in when necessary and unfortunately alot of the blame is being put on head coach Jeff Hornacek. Im interested to see if the down the stretch of the season the team can come together and make a push for the playoffs. They are not very far behind!


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