Wall and Beal are taking care of business in the Nation’s capital

If you asked an avid NBA fan right now who they believed is the best backcourt combo in the NBA, a large percentage would answer Curry & Thompson in Golden State, a good amount may answer DeRozan & Lowry in Toronto, some would answer Lillard & McCollum in Portland, but very few would say Wall & Beal in Washington.

The backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal in the national’s capital has led the Wizards to a 27-20 record so far this season. They are 8-2 in the last ten games and they have won four straight games. While they are taking care of business on the road as well, most of the business has been taken care of just a mile and a half from the White House at the Verizon Center, where the Wizards play all their home games.

The Wizards are 19-6 at home, only second to the Eastern Conference-leading Cavaliers who are 21-5 in front of their home crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena. Picking up big wins at home is a crucial reason behind why the Wizards have been so hot as of late. Before going 8-2 in the past 10 games, the Wizards were 19-18 and didn’t have a fifth place standing in the Eastern Conference.


With Wall average 22 points per game and Beal averaging just over 21 points per game this season, this backcourt combo has made opposing teams defenses look amateur. While Wall is busy orchestrating the Wizards offense, Beal is getting open on the perimeter as well as cutting and looking for the past from Wall. Beal’s game has significantly improved over his short four year career and alot of that improvement can be attributed to his ability to use his 6’5″ frame and work the ball inside.

For Wall, he is scoring better and more often this season than he has in seven previous seasons. Confidence has been key for a Wizards team that has struggled to find huge play makers to place alongside Wall and Beal the past few seasons. Adding Markieff Morris this past offseason has been instrumental in that the Wizards don’t have to necessarily rely on their mid range and perimeter shooting and rather work the ball to Morris who can spread the defense and make it easier for Marcin Gortat to get open in the paint.

The Wizards will look to keep this winning mentality today as they face the New York Knicks. They will be looking for their 28th win overall and 20th home win of the season. (Derrick Rose has sprained his ankle, so Wall will most likely be going up against Courtney Lee at the point guard position) Should be a great game!




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