Westbrook continues to make case for MVP

In a season that could’ve ended up breaking him, Russell Westbrook used internal as well as external motivation to put himself in a prime position to win MVP this season.

It is almost All-Star break, which means that Westbrook has played almost half of a season without old pal Kevin Durant by his side. While Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green, and co. are tearing it up in the bay area with a 41-7 record, Westbrook is a leading an Oklahoma City Thunder team, that is 28-20, primarily on his own.

Westbrook is averaging a triple-double so far this season with his main statistic being his 30.8 points per game that he is putting up each night the Thunder take the floor.  Next in line is off-season addition Victor Oladipo, who is averaging 16.8 points per game. I am not saying that Oladipo hasn’t been part of the Thunder’s success so far this season, but Westbrook has really put this Thunder team on his back.


Besides the points he is scoring every night and the (10 assists, 10 rebounds) he is averaging as well, Westbrook is also making his mark on the NBA. He is proving that having an ability to brush off something (maybe it took longer than it should) can have a huge effect on your success. Having a career year, Westbrook continues to work hard and when he is on the floor, he is the hardest working player you will come upon in the NBA. In saying this, there are many hard workers in the NBA, but Westbrook has made his game and all that he has done this season, look easy.

Where for the Thunder, a 28-20 record might not be the most content record, it seems okay for right now. Thunder forward Enes Kanter unfortunately is out for the next 2 months after punching a chair in frustration. Kanter’s absence takes away a big presence inside and could affect what the Thunder are able to do working the ball inside and out rebounding teams on the board, but coach Billy Donovan has the experience to work through this and he knows his all-star and perennial MVP guard will step up even bigger down the stretch when the team calls on him.

Westbrook will continue to lead this team as they play down the stretch into the all-star break and beyond. As a fierce competitor, Westbrook has the ability to be the leading scorer every night he steps on the floor. With his coach and teammates giving him the green light, we see Westbrook putting up crazy numbers with triple-doubles every other night. Brodie continues to do what he needs to do for the Thunder to get wins, and coach Donovan knows the right ways to get Westbrook involved.


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